Pleasure Island Round 2 Part 2 014

I grew up in Northern Michigan, spending many days outside on the beaches and lakes. I was heavily involved in sports and other activities in high school, and in December 2002, I graduated from Western Michigan Universty. For the past five years, I have been a transplanted Yankee living in the Deep South and just recently moved to Chicago. I enjoy sports, music, politics, the outdoors and food and wine. I love my family, my friends and my dog, Daisy.

This blog is an outlet for me to get out my frustrations or whatever might be on my mind. It is mostly centered around sports, but will be peppered with observations about life through the eyes of a sarcastic single guy trying to figure out life’s little game. Sometimes I write a lot, sometimes I don’t. I hope you enjoy it.


3 Responses to “About Chris”

  1. Sara Pastuszka said

    Can I subscribe to your blog so I can get email updates every time you post?

  2. tara teate said

    you should mention that you’re called “house” and how that came about.. it’s randomly funny, i think.
    i can always count on having a good time at your house parties. when you actually have time to socialize in the PM, you guys are great at it.

  3. mmills said

    Where’s the wedding blog?

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